It's time to create an amendment to the constitution to decriminalize cannabis in all it's forms!


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"If we hope to make changes everyone can agree on, we need to stop pretending like we don't agree on at least some things." -Sean Blackwell


United By A Common Goal

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An Experienced Candidate

Sean ran in 2014. It was a 6 man/woman race in the Republican Primary for Idaho's 1st Congressional District. Then incumbent Raul Labrador took a hefty 75% of the vote. Sean and the other 5 candidates shared the scraps but he managed to take 5% of the popular vote. 

Nuclear not nukes

Check out this great video! Young people aren't afraid of Nuclear. We didn't grow up in the Cold War Era and are ready to start making a future that doesn't fear the most powerful zero Co2 emission power source. Don't worry Taylor Wilson will explain...


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